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Funding Charities
that share a vision
for a nation where
Caregivers are
valued, recognized,
and supported.

Funding Charities
that share a vision
for a nation where
Caregivers are
valued, recognized,
and supported.

We know our vision can only be achieved in partnership with organizations that work directly with family caregivers. We are pleased to accept applications for funding from registered Canadian charitable organizations that support family caregivers in Canada.


The Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation National Grant Program is designed to make a difference in the lives of family caregivers across Canada.

We fund projects and programs that primarily:

  • Alleviate the systematic challenges faced by family caregivers across Canada
  • Support thought leadership and research programs that shed light on these challenges
  • Provide new insights
  • Suggest innovative solutions
  • Create tools or resources for family caregivers

To find out about eligibility, and the application process, and important dates, click below.


Petro-Canada CareMakers Local Grant program provides financial assistance to organizations that provide vital resources and direct support to family caregivers in communities across Canada.

These resources include:

  • Educational programs
  • Transportation
  • Meal assistance
  • Respite care
  • Emotional, financial and community support
  • Healthcare navigation to other types of vital assistance

It is our goal to positively impact the lives of family caregivers in communities across the country by providing operational support for these local programs.

To find out about eligibility, the application process, and important dates, click below.

Planning to apply for a grant? Questions?
Please check our frequently asked questions here.

Beyond charitable grants, what other charitable activities will you undertake?
Our support for caregivers will have several facets. We are committed to awareness building for the issues that family caregiver face and will work to raise funds to support organizations supporting caregivers. We will also convene diverse stakeholders in the sector, to promote collaboration and innovative new solutions, working with others to develop thought leadership, and new resources and tools.
My organization is located outside Canada, can I still apply?

We accept applications from only registered Canadian charities.  Unfortunately, we can not accept applications from organizations outside Canada even if their work is focused on family caregiving.

Are we able to meet with a staff member to discuss the grant and see if it’s a good fit?

We encourage applicants to read through the guidelines as we’ve provided detailed information about the grant – requirements, area of focus, timeline. We are unable to meet with applicants but are happy to respond to emails, if further clarification is required. Emails should be sent to

Can I still apply after the deadline?
We are unable to accept applications after the portal closes. We encourage all applicants to submit their applications early to avoid any last-minute delays.
Can I apply for more than one grant stream at a time?
Applicants may apply for more than one grant stream, but they will only be awarded a grant under just one grant stream not both. We encourage you to apply for the grant that best suits your organizations need.
I have received a grant previously from Petro‑Canada CareMakers Foundation, can I still apply for a grant?
We welcome applications from past recipients of grants. All applications will be reviewed on their own merit.
How soon after applying can I expect to hear back from the team?
We are unable to provide an exact timeline. Once you apply, the Foundation staff will screen and assess all applications and supporting documents provided. We will carry out a due diligence and may reach out to you for more information or to schedule an interview. If you have been selected to receive a grant, you will receive a notification via email.
I haven’t heard back from you; can I conclude that I was not awarded a grant?

We provide an update to all applicants after the review process is completed.

I am having technical issues with my application.
For technical issues, contact
Can I mail my application to you?
All applications are to be completed and submitted online via the online portal.
Is this a multi-year grant?
All our grants are awarded for a single year. We are unable to extend a grant award or consider it beyond the year of award. We encourage applicants to factor sustainability into their project.
Do you receive applications all year round?
We call for grant applications twice a year. The National Grant application portal opens in June for 6 weeks. The Local Grant application portal opens in September for 5 weeks. We receive applications during these windows only.
What time will the portal close on the last day of application?

The application portal for the 2024 National Grants closes on July 5 at 11:59 p.m. MT.

The application portal for 2024 Local Grants closes November 25 at 11:59 p.m. MT.

Find out how our grant recipients have been transforming the lives of caregivers.

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