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What If Family Caregivers Disappeared?

In Canada, our medical and social systems rely on family caregivers. According to the National Seniors Strategy, approximately 8 million Canadians provide an estimated $9 billion worth of care services every year to friends and family members. Without them, the...

Please check our frequently asked questions here.

I am a family caregiver in need of support. What resources are available to me?

While the Petro‑Canada CareMakers Foundation is unable to provide financial assistance to individuals, there are a number of provincial organizations available to support you with resources and tools. Please see below, for one in your province, or alternatively call 211 to find an organization in your local area that may be able to offer you support:

What is your definition of a family caregiver?
To us, a family caregiver is someone who provides unpaid support to a family member, friend or loved one who is experiencing a significant mental or physical health challenge. This support could be long-term, or episodic to address an acute health situation. Other terminology often used is care partner or carer.
How is the Petro‑Canada CareMakers Foundation funded?
As a registered charity, the Petro‑Canada CareMakers Foundation receives contributions from a wide variety of sources. The CareMakers Foundation received start-up funding and support from Suncor, the proud owner of Petro‑Canada.
Who makes up the Board of Directors?

Our Board of Directors is made up of members from Petro‑Canada, Suncor and external experts. We intend to add to this complement over time, to include greater diversity of experience, geographic representation, expertise and lived caregiver experience.

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